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All About City Taxis

No matter how excellent the roads can be, public transports can be annoying during the traffic jams. Walking around town can be tedious and boring. Taxis are clearly the best way to get into town, especially if there is an emergency or traffic jams. Nonetheless, if you have never used taxi services, you might find the experience distressing. But cabs are useful as well. Here is all you need to know about a local taxi owner .


Agree on the exact fare

Fare prices vary from one taxi cab company to another. The fare that minicabs charge might not be the same as the one charged by the central cabs company. Other taxi cabs have fixed rate for a certain distance while others have a variable rate. Different countries have their own regulations  when it comes to cab fares. In some countries, cabs have a metered fare. Perhaps this works well, but it is essential to agree before using the cab.

Have the exact or enough cash

It is always satisfying to be cautious when using taxi cabs. Some drivers may opt to change the fare along the way if it suddenly rains or something unusual happens. The goodness of having exact change is that you will give the cab driver exactly what he will ask for. This helps avoid failing to give back the change.


Know where you are going

Technology has changed the way people do things . But even with the internet at the palm of their hands, some people still get lost. With the high standard of living, it is probable that not everybody is out there for business. There are cons whose purpose  is to scam people and dump them at an unknown place. It is, therefore, crucial to know the directions of where you are headed. If possible, note it down on your notebook. It can help a lot if you are drunk so you won’t forget. And if not sure of the directions, inquire in your local language so you can understand. Knowing the directions is useful as it makes it easy to negotiate the fares and avoid being overcharged.

Is the cab driver licensed?

In every industry, there are regulations and this industry is not different either. From country to country, the law requires all drivers to be licensed. However, it is not a guarantee to assume that every driver is licensed. Usually, in the United Kingdom, city taxis are driven without a permit. But it is easy to find unlicensed drivers offering a taxi service. To be safe and away from the long hand of the law, ensure the cab driver is licensed. If possible, ask to see the document and find out if it is legal. If you are in a new place, ask around for licensed local taxi drivers.


Hold your ground

When inquiring about the taxi cabs services and their charges, don’t get swayed by their sweet words. Hold your ground on what you want to offer and make it clear you won’t give any extra charges. Some drivers have the habit of asking for additional charges such as charges for traffic. Don’t be afraid to say no to such charges. It doesn’t matter the traffic jam the cab passed to get you to your destination all that is important is that you both agreed on the fare. Depending on the type of taxi services you hired, the driver should stick to the agreement. Some drivers choose to pick passengers on the way and reduce your fare. If that interests you, then there is no problem.


Keep an eye on your luggage

It is one thing to agree on the exact fare and another thing to keep watch of your luggage. If you have luggage, ensure all your stuff is out of the cab before you can pay or leave. It is easy to forget some belongings behind.

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Advantages of calling a cab in the UK

When you plan a visit to London whether for business or tourism, there are places you would love to see especially if it’s your first time. Some of the best attractions recognized worldwide include the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, the London Eye and of course, museums and art galleries. Once you are at the airport, you need transport into the city to a hotel where you are booked. This calls for hiring an airport taxi service. In London, there are taxis which are commonly referred to as black taxi cabs. What yellow cab taxis are to New York, black taxi cabs are to London. They have been the principal mode of transportation apart from buses, trains, personal car and cycling. So, what are the benefits of riding taxi cabs in UK?

Drivers are great guides

As said earlier, if you travel to London, whether it’s your first time or a repeat visit, you will desire to check out the city’s attractions. This is the same for residents of England, Scotland, Ireland and other areas. Hiring a car can be expensive even though you have the option of satnav which allows you to find locations and map routes.

Making friendship with a city taxi owner United Kingdom enables you to meet amazing local taxi services. They have been plying their trade in London for many years. They started doing so even before satnav became a common feature in modern vehicles. This has enabled them to map the city in their mind which has turned them into great guides.

Thanks to their experience, they can tell you a little history of different attractions before you even arrive at the destination. They can shorten your trip by taking shorter routes to your destination which means great savings for you.

Clients privacy is upheld

In the past few years, there has been several taxi hailing apps coming up which have promised to make finding a taxi in United Kingdom to be easy and safe. Thanks to these e-hailing taxi apps, many drivers have had to face the hard truth leading to strikes in major cities around the world. If you were to check the official app stores, you will find the e-hailing taxi apps have millions of downloads. What many ordinary users do not take into account is their privacy.

These apps request a lot of data and even though the data collected is listed in the app permissions which are displayed before downloading the app, not many users take into account the danger they are placing themselves. Sample this list of data requested by one of the electronic taxi hailing apps.

Your identity

1-Access to your camera, your contacts, your phone, your messages, photos, files and camera

2-Access to your device ID, call information and Wi-Fi connection information.

Much of the information collected does not relate to hailing a taxi for example your files, access to your camera, contacts, messages, photos, call information and others. With a city taxi, all they require from you are two things – your destination and payment at the end of your journey.

More secure

If you have been following the local news and international media of late, you probably have heard of kidnapping stories happening to the young and old. Guess what? Many of these kidnappings are happening among users of taxi e-hailing apps. This does not mean that the companies behind the apps promote this kind of thing but the lack of ensuring safety for its customers is wanting.

Yes, the apps have access to your immediate location thanks to your phone’s GPS feature. The downside of this is that smart devices can be destroyed by either throwing them out the window into the nearest river or simply crashing them. This makes it hard for police and other security agencies to track the whereabouts of an individual.

When it comes to black taxi cabs, customers are assured of safety at all times. Yes, you don’t have a smartphone connected to GPS satellites but your cab driver is under a registered company or association. Furthermore, majority of cabs are required by insurance companies to install cameras on the dash and interior of the car thanks. This helps to improve the safety of the customer as data will be available from photographic/video evidence to registration details of the cab and driver.

Final Thoughts

The black taxi cabs in London are famous the world over. They have a long tradition that has enabled London residents and tourists to traverse the city with ease. They have saved millions of passengers the pain of getting to their destination. Street hailing has been the only way to get a taxi cab whether you are wealthy or not. Despite the introduction of taxi hailing apps, black taxi cabs still have an edge. For starters, the drivers are great guides having learned the many routes around the city. Whether you are a tourist travelling from the airport to London or a resident travelling from the pub to your home, black taxi cab drivers will get you home. They are safe and uphold your privacy as they don’t gather lots of data from the clients. Furthermore, they have the exclusive right to pick up passengers who hail cabs in London. They can also use rank at busy areas like hotels, train stations and airports.

Do you want to travel affordably and safely to any destination in London? Choose taxi cabs in United Kingdom today!